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About Us


I’ve been collecting vintage watches for many years, ever since I got my first serious job, which allowed me to search and purchase them all around Europe. This 'watch disease' got a bit out of control so in 2004 I decided to start a website (next to my regular job) so I could share my passion for rare vintage watches and improve my personal collection at the same time.

In 2007 I quit my job and fully focussed on vintage watches and have specialised in rare pieces which are original in every aspect. Sometimes small differences can make a huge difference in scarceness and value. The dial for instance is one of the most important aspects of a watch and I only offer watches with original dials! I have an eclectic taste and all watches offered on the site are pieces I carefully handpicked with rarity and quality in mind. But I have to admit I'm still more a collector than a watch-dealer so parting with some rare pieces can be a quite a challenge...



As for vintage cars, I’ve been born into a 'car family' and have been involved in (classic) Alfa Romeo for most of my life. Another 'hobby' is restoring classic cars and racing them. In the past I also worked for companies like Borrani and Carozzeria Touring in Italy. Next to carsandwatches I have a company specialised in Classic Alfa's and parts together with my father; www.vanlingenalfaparts.nl. 



As to the connection between Watches and Cars, just think of the Heuer Carrera & Monaco which are associated with the Panamericana Rally and Steve McQueen. Same goes for some Rolex models like the Daytona and also the first Omega Speedmaster was made with car racing/rallying in mind (many years later the space connection was made). Furthermore vintage cars and watches have a lot in common; design, technique, estetique, usability and both can be a solid investment. A fine watch is just as much about telling time as a Ferrari is getting from A to B! Instead you can view a watch as a bit of micro engineering, every bit as rewarding as an exotic car. It was therefore the natural chice to combine the two worlds into: www.carsandwatches.com


I’d like to share my two passions with you and look forward to be of service.


Dino van Lingen

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