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Ultra rare Longines 18K FB Case from 1919

Here's a Longines one does not find every day... it's a very early 'trench' style watch with a special FB case from 1919. These cases were an early attempt to protect the watch from grease and moisture... the movement and upper case incl. dial are screwed-in from the top. Finding one in 18K gold is super rare and must have gone to a wealthy client... This example was delvered to Egypt in 1919 and is similar to the one in the latest Longines book: Legendary watches page 86/87. The original enamel black dial makes this example even more special! It is simply stunning with large arabic numbers (relumed somewhere in time), gold print and cathedral hands. The 18K FB case measures 34mm excl. onion crown but looks bigger due to the extended crown. Attached is s nice suede period style strap. Rare opportunity to buy a piece of Longines history!


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