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Super rare Blancpain Bundeswehr with dive board

If you're into Blancpains, dive watches and militaria this is a grail set! It's an early 1970's dive board used by the Bundeswehr. These were used in trainings, underwater missions (like defusing mines) and floated a bit above the ocean-floor... It features a huge and beautiful Compass, a Spirotechnique dept meter and a the icing on the cake is a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 3H Bund. The watch is in all original used condition, nothing touched up (like most), a bit rough as it should be!!! The massive and distinctive case meaures nearly 42mm and unpolished. Movement is based on an ETA 2873 and Rayville signed. The original dial & hands are in original condition, down to the scratched crystal. This set will complete any Blancpain collection!



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