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Rare Ulysse Nardin FB Chronograph

This Ulysse Nardin Chronograph from the end 40's really deserves to be called RARE! It uses a steel cylinder waterproof FB (Francois Borgel) case like Patek Phillippe & Movado. Above all it is in the desirable 35mm variant (Most Movado's fi. are in 33mm). These cases are very high quality, use the same anti-slide pushers and crown as Patek and all have dust covers to protect the movement. It also is unpolished! The original dial is very clean with applied steel indexes. It shows some radium burn from the hands which makes it extra vintage and interesting. Movement is UN signed and beautifully improved Valjoux 23 and working well. Attached is a period steel stretch bracelet. Truly awesome.



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