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Rare Omega Railmaster/Seamaster 2914 PAF Military

Super rare first series Omega Railmaster/Seamaster ref 2914 made for the Pakistan Air Force. These watches were especially made for the PAF as the differ from the 'regular' Railmasters in various ways... First the dial reads; Seamaster instead of Railmaster. Second; the caseback is engraved with P.A.F. and third, the movement is also engraved with P.A.F. All of this is confirmed by the Omega extract stating delivery of this 2914-5 in 1960 to the Pakistan Air Force. For the rest, the case, movement etc is the same as the normal Railmaster 2914 but much rarer! The original dial has changed into a nice warm tropical color. The nice olive brown/green strap with original buckle matches the dial.... Awesome piece with great Military history!

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