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Longines 13ZN Chrono with Pulsations Dial

This watch has it all! It is the legendary Longines 13ZN Flyback Chronograph but this example is one of the nicest and rarest one can find... Why? First of all the two-tone silver original dial... it's design is super clean and elegant, probably owned by a docter as it has a blue Pulsations scale with blued hands. Under the Longines signature, SUIZA is printed and the Extract reveals this example was sold to Argentina in 1945. This dial is the largest dial Longines made for a 13ZN! The steel slim calatrava style case measures 38mm excl. crown and is the largest 13ZN case apart from the waterproof 3-T & Mushroom. It does however look bigger as the dial alone measures a whopping 36mm. Movement is off course the Flyback 13ZN, maybe the best chronograph movement of all time... Attached is a funky period style steel stretch bracelet. It also comes with a period Longines box and the Extract. Unique opportunity and a blue chip investment!


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