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Super rare Oversize 45mm all steel Tissot Calatrava

Make no mistake... this is an extremely rare Tissot! In the early 30's Tissot made 2 different cased oversize 45mm wristwatches with steel back & chrome cases. This is by far the nicesest design case (the other being a bit bulky) from 1937. But that's not all... very very few, probably a hand full were made entirely out of stainless steel (acier inoxable) and this is one of them. It's a very impressive watch because of the size but also because of the stunning original sector dial with raised markers and explorer style numerals. It also has a pair of exquisite blue hands. Above all the Calatrava style case wears perfectly despite the size because it's quite thin. Movement is Tissot's own large caliber which is in perfect working condition. Serial is very close to another all steel variant I know and it comes with a Tissot Extract confirming the all steel Antimagnetic wristwatch! In all a super rare, beautiful desirable watch for a fair price.

Price € 8750,00
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