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Rare Longines UK Military COSD 'Tuna Can' from the book

This for collectors is the famous Longines 'Tuna Can' C.O.S.D. (Company Ordinance Supply Depot). Much can be read on the net about the history and use of these very rare watches. These special cases were made in the UK and either equipped with Longines or Omega movements. This example was made in 1944 and delivered to the UK on April 14th 1945 (extract + book info). In fact, this is the actual example of the latest Longines book by Goldberger (page 316/17). Next to being in the book it is also one of the best examples I've seen (many are truly worn out). It also has the correct no rad dial which was made and issued by the MOD (ministery of Defence) once the watch was re-assiged for the Airforce. Movement is Cal 12.68N which is working perfectly. The nickel chromed case measures 35,5mm but wears bigger due to the thickness. Truly unique watch with heritage plus the presence in the book!

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