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Rare Eterna Chronograph Majetek Czech Military

One all knows the Czech Military Longines Majetek's and the comparable Eterna time only variants. This all original Eterna Chronograph is however a much, much rarer beast... It's from the mid 40's and the first thing which catches they eye is the wonderful tropic aged dial. The large 37,5 case is the perfect size but the most important detail is on the back! The engraving translates as: CIS inventory (with corresponding number) estate of military affairs. With a loupe one can clearly see that's it's an old engraving, not a modern laser one! Chrono's were much more expensive than time only variants, I believe it was given to higher ranked military personel. Movement is Eterna's Cal 703 (VJ22 base) which is in perfect condition. Attached is a period style nubuck strap. Truly a unique opportunity to buy a military chrono.

Price € 6950,00
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