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Rare Chronofixe Type 20 Flyback Chrono French Aviation

This is such a cool watch which few people know of... it's part of the French Airforce Type 20 chronograph series of which Breguet is the best known followed by Vixa, Auricoste and Dodane (which is the most similar). Of these models the Chronofixe is probably the rarest. It shares the famous Cal 222 Valjoux movement with flyback. This example is one of the best I've seen with super nice original dial and unpolished case (3 stars on the back: CETEHOR quality certificate from Besançon). The steel screwback case measures 37,5mm without crown and has a lovely engraved rotating bezel. Attached is a lovely brown/green strap. You're getting a lot of watch for your money!!!

Price € 3999,00
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