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Rare Mido Multichrono with stunning black radium dial

This watch comes from my personal collection and I'm still not sure if I should sell it... It's a very rare Mido Multichrono, not to be mistaken for a Multi-Centerchrono! It's very rare, probably one Multichrono for every 100 or so Centerchrono's and comparable in rarity to a Movado 565 chrono. It also has an FB waterproof case with anti slide pushers as used by both Movado (565's) and Patek Philippe 1463's. Of the latter, only 2 are known with black dial and this one comes closest to the priceless Briggs Cunningham example... It's also one of the best condition examples I've seen. Plus it's got one of the best dials with radium numerals in military style with distinctive Mido: 'made in Switzerland' printed below 6. The 35mm FB screwback has those wonderful anti-slide pushers, same crown as most Movado 565 chrono's and a dustcap to protect the Minerva based Cal13-20 movement. It's engraved 17/07/1943 and probably sold in the Nordics. Attached is a period style strap with original Mido buckle. Amazing opportunity for a fraction of the price of a Patek and much lower than a comparable Movado 565!

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