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Amazing Longines 13.33 chrono in silver with rare tropic dial

Some watches take your breath away... they have so much presence! This is such a watch, an extremely rare Longines 13.33Z Monopusher Chronograph with silver case & metal dial from 1930 delivered to the USA. To start with the dial, it's rare to find a metal dial in a 13.33, they are mostly enamel. And this one is stunning with enlarged radium numerals which have aged the entire dial into a warm pumpkin color. It's unigue! The silver case with double hinge caseback has one of the most beautiful crowns ever fitted to a watch... a combi between a mushroom and monopusher. It measures just over 35mm. The 13.33Z high quality movement is beautifully finished and was serviced last year. It comes with a period style strap matching the dial and has a Longines Ectract. It's an excuisite timepiec for the true Longines collector.

Price € 9999,00
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