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Giulia Super 1600 Ti Rallycar from 1965

We've been in doubt if we should sell this special Giulia Super... It's been in our family for over 25 years and it's given us so much pleasure all these years in various rallies and tours. But it's time for someone else to enjoy this sublime rallycar as we stopped participating in rallies. The basis is an early 1965 Giulia Super 1600 Ti 10508 with chassis AR457276 which is quite a rare and desirable car to begin with! These early cars have a much, much better build quality and higher quality steel which reflects in the state of the body. Despite many rally miles, the body is still in amazing condition, very solid, no rust and virtually no previous repairs. This car really drives superbly in all circumstances, quick enough on track, comfortable, smooth and powerful enough. There are many improvements like a rear rollcage, limited slip diff, improved suspension with Koni shocks, adjustable arms, engine protector and a bigger fueltank etc. The engine itself is a later 1600 which was tuned to about 145 bhp still giving it enough power till 7500 Rpm but at the same time it's smooth and has enough torque. Externally the car has been improved with fog lights and TZ wheels. Inside there are comfortable period style sports seats, a vintage Halda Tripmaster and a MIG 8 Day Clock with chronograph as well as a compass. If you're looking for a rallycar for immediate use or a car to enjoy in the weekends, look no further.

Price € 34900,00
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