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Omega Seamaster 300 #2913-4

Stunning Omega Seamaster 300 #2913-4 with Lollipop from 1958. These models are so cool, especially this first series with Lollipop. No wonder that Omega made a Heritage model but nothing beats the original! This example is in original condition with stunning original dial with cream aged lume and arrow hands (1-2-3 had Broad Arrow, 4-5-6 these slightly smaller ones). The bezel insert seems to be original which is rare for these models. Movement has been checked and is running fine (cal 501). the 39mm steel case is in good condition and retains the original crown. Attached is a flat original bracelet #1035 but from 1969 (also comes with a new leather band). The watch comes with an Omega Extract stating it was sold in December 1958 to the Netherlands Antilles. It also comes with a period Omega box. Great opportunity to buy a first series SM300! Sold.

Lemania 18K Chronograph

Absolute MINT Lemania Chronograph from the end 40’s. This watch is so beautiful, it’s hard to describe… Lemania made Chrono’s for Omega back in the 40’s and I dare to say that this model is more beautiful than Omega’s offering at the time. It features an original stunning silver dial with raised gold numerals on a silver ring. The 18K case is the first ‘waterproof’ with round pushers and high pressure casebook. It measures 36,5mm excl orig. crown. Movement is Lemania cal 27CHRO/Omega 321 and perfect throughout. It comes with it’s original box and lovely croci strap. Even Winston Churchill had the same model (see Hodinkee). Great opportunity! Sold.

Omega Cosmic Moonphase

Lovely all original Omega Cosmic Moonphase from the end 40’s. Finding an original example is quite rare, most have redone dials or are in very bad condition. This example has a rare original dial with raised steel numerals & stunning hands. The moonphase has aged beautifully. The steel unpolished case measures nearly 35mm excl. original crown and has ref 2471/1. Movement is is excellent condition, Cal 381. Attached is a period style steel bracelet. It also comes with a period box. Great Cosmic which will only appreciate in value. Price: Euro 4.999,-

Price: Euro 4.999,-

Omega Jumbo Scarab with Rare Black Dial

Fantastic and rare Omega Scarab from the mid 30’s. It features a very rare original black dial with painted numerals and hands (used to be white but time has turned them into a lovely cream tone). This is the largest model with 35,5mm unpolished case. It is called Scarab because of the particular lugs. Movement is Cal 26,5 which is in very nice condition. Attached is a period style pigskin strap. One of the nicest untouched Scarab’s I’ve seen!

Price: Euro 2.999,-

Tissot 15TL Chronograph Rare Dial

This is one of the rarest Tissot 15TL’s I’ve seen… the original two-tone black/grey dial has both gilt and yellow printing, lume hands and hour markers and is simply stunning. It’s aged a bit but this only ads to the vintage charm. The steel 37,5mm case is also the rarer version with angled lugs. Movement is the Tissot/Lemania Cal 15TL (Omega 33.3) and recently serviced. Attached is a nos steel period style bracelet but it also comes with a period pigskin strap. Truly amazing 40’s Tissot Chrono!


Omega Seamaster 300 #14755-61


Awesome and rare all original Omega Seamaster 300 2nd execution from 1961. These models are exceedingly rare to find, especially in all original condition. This example with ref 14755-61 has got it all: original radium dial and hands, bezel, naiad crown etc. The lume has aged into a wonderfulp dark-green color. The case is very clean and sharp. Movement is Cal 552 Automatic with 18mio serial. Attached is a nice dark-green strap with original period Omega buckle. Why buy the re-edition if you can get the real thing here 🙂


Tissot Oversize 33.3 Chrono


Ultra rare Tissot/Omega oversize chrono from the 40’s. Main feature of this 37,5mm sharp cased chrono is it’s dial. It’s off course all original, black, multicolored with a white outer enamel ring with green Tachymetre scale. This is one of the rarest dials around which can also be found on Omega’s. Movement is the Tissot/Omega Cal 15TL/33.3 working perfectly. Attached is a period steel stretch bracelet. Super nice and rare.


Omega 33.3 Chrono Waterproof


What to say… one of the nicest, original and untouched Waterproof Omega 33.3’s I’ve seen. It comes with an Omega Extract and was delivered to Italy in 1942. The stunning original dial is multicolored and has multiple scales making it one of the rarest dials for this model. The 38mm steel step screwback case is unpolished and has the more desirable case back with Omega engraving. Movement is the famous Cal 33.3 and running well. It also comes with a period Omega box. One of the all-time Chronograph icons!


Omega Speedmaster Ultra Rare Caseback Apollo XI


This is one of the rarest Speedies… it has a special case back made only for a very short time after the moon landing. It is not the (also rare and pictured behind for reference) First Worn on the Moon case back but the last of this series had another with Apollo XI 1969 engraved. Ref is 145.022-69ST and this one was delivered to Switzerland in 1970 (Omega Extract included). It’s actually the first time I’ve had one. Another nice extra is that the dial has become a very nice dark-chocolate color which adds to the value. Movement is Cal. 861 and working perfectly. Overall condition is superb, attached is a high quality brown strap in the same color as the dial and it has an Omega buckle. Extremely rare opportunity.


Omega Seamaster 300 for MEISTER


ULTRA RARE Omega Seamaster 300 retailed by MEISTER. Probably the rarest Seamaster 300 of this type, only a hand-full are known to exist. It was sold by the retailer Meister in Switzerland in 1967 (all confirmed by the Omega Extract). Overall condition is perfect with stunning original dial and hands. Very sharp and fat screwback case #165.024. It also has an original stretch bracelet # 1506. The cal 552 Automatic movement is running perfectly. This is the ultimate SM 300!


Omega Speedmaster 2915-2


The Holy Grail of Omega Speedmasters, this is a 2915-2 in perfect original condition. This is one of the first examples made as it was delivered to Canada in October 1957 (1st production year). It’s been a long time that I saw a 100% original example! Every single aspect of the watch is original; bezel, dial, hands, crown, small pushers,  7077 bracelet and even the wide crystal tension ring which is featured in the period brochures. The original dial is super nice with lovely patina on the indexes and hands.  The caseback with Speedmaster written on the bevel (only 2915-1 and 2 have this) also has a sympathetic inscription. The Cal 321 movement with serial 15mio is working perfectly. It will come with an Omega Extract and a period Omega box. Not cheap but certainly a great investment for one of the most beautiful and iconic watches of all time.


Omega Speedmaster 2998-1 Box & Papers


Extremely rare and original Omega Speedmaster 2998-1 with Box and Papers. After the 2915 this reference is the most desirable of the Speedmaster range. It’s in all original condition and has all the correct features like the Base 1000 bezel, lollipop hand and the original 7077 bracelet. The original dial is in great condition with the original lume on dial and dauphine hands.But, maybe rarest of all are the original papers which one rarely finds. It was sold to a famous Czeck professor who was working in Africa at the time. The Omega Extract states it was delivered to Rhodesia in 1960 which corresponds with the papers. It also comes with the Speedmaster booklet and a period Omega box. Super rare package!


Tissot Crab-lug Chronograph


Amazing and ultra rare Tissot 15TL/33.3 chronograph from the end 30’s. It’s got some very special features like crab-lugs and super nice original black dial with gilt printing. The original hands are also very rare and still retain their original radium. The steel case measures 37,5mm excl. original crown but appears much larger due to thye extended crab-lugs. Movement is Lemania/Tissot/Omega cal. 15TL/33.3 and is working perfectly. The excellent overall condition makes this chrono even more special. Attached is a vintage style nato band. One of a kind.