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Omega Seamaster 300 #2913-4

Stunning Omega Seamaster 300 #2913-4 with Lollipop from 1958. These models are so cool, especially this first series with Lollipop. No wonder that Omega made a Heritage model but nothing beats the original! This example is in original condition with stunning original dial with cream aged lume and arrow hands (1-2-3 had Broad Arrow, 4-5-6 these slightly smaller ones). The bezel insert seems to be original which is rare for these models. Movement has been checked and is running fine (cal 501). the 39mm steel case is in good condition and retains the original crown. Attached is a flat original bracelet #1035 but from 1969 (also comes with a new leather band). The watch comes with an Omega Extract stating it was sold in December 1958 to the Netherlands Antilles. It also comes with a period Omega box. Great opportunity to buy a first series SM300! Sold.

Lemania 18K Chronograph

Absolute MINT Lemania Chronograph from the end 40’s. This watch is so beautiful, it’s hard to describe… Lemania made Chrono’s for Omega back in the 40’s and I dare to say that this model is more beautiful than Omega’s offering at the time. It features an original stunning silver dial with raised gold numerals on a silver ring. The 18K case is the first ‘waterproof’ with round pushers and high pressure casebook. It measures 36,5mm excl orig. crown. Movement is Lemania cal 27CHRO/Omega 321 and perfect throughout. It comes with it’s original box and lovely croci strap. Even Winston Churchill had the same model (see Hodinkee). Great opportunity! Sold.

Jardur Pilot Chrono Step Case

Fantastic and mega rare 1st series Jardur Pilot Chrono from the 40’s. This example is so rare as it has a steel step-case and a white dial (most are black). The original dial is really stunning with radium numerals & hands and multicolour print. The steel case & movement are correctly signed: Pilgrim Watch Co. and measures 36mm excl. crown. Movement is Cal valjoux 71. Attached is a high quality strap matching the dial. Reserved.

Omega Cosmic Moonphase

Lovely all original Omega Cosmic Moonphase from the end 40’s. Finding an original example is quite rare, most have redone dials or are in very bad condition. This example has a rare original dial with raised steel numerals & stunning hands. The moonphase has aged beautifully. The steel unpolished case measures nearly 35mm excl. original crown and has ref 2471/1. Movement is is excellent condition, Cal 381. Attached is a period style steel bracelet. It also comes with a period box. Great Cosmic which will only appreciate in value. Price: Euro 4.999,-

Price: Euro 4.999,-

Enicar Sherpa Utradive

Absulute MINT Enicar Sherpa Ultradive from approx 1969. I’ve always loved these models with protective crown guard, they are not only rarer than their ‘normal’ counterparts but look bigger as well. The original dial is perfect but what mostly stands-out is the internal rotating bezel with rare bright orange stripe. The steel Supercompressor case measures 40mm without guard, and 43mm with. It has ref 144/35/03 and houses an Automatic Cal AR1144 with red date. Attached is a NOS Tropic strap. Best one I ever saw!!!

Price: Euro 4.880,-

Oversize Anonimo 40’s Chrono

Fantastic Oversize 40’s Chrono very similar to a Rolex 2508. It features a large 39mm steel case with wide flat bezel and olive pushers. The original gloss dial has gilt numerals and snail tachy (small paint-loss at the edge between 6-7). Movement is a high quality and large Cal15 Landeron. Attached is a period style pigskin strap. Great Chrono!

Price: Euro 3.450,-

Vacheron Constantin 18K Pink with Papers

Super classy and elegant Vacheron Constantin from the early 50’s. This rare example with ref 6030 in 18K pink gold even comes with it’s original papers! It has a lovely original silver dial with gold indexes and hands. The calatrava case with large special lugs makes the watch look much larger than the 32mm it measures without crown. Movement is the VC high quality Cal 1001. Attached is a croci style strap with period gold-filled buckle. Extremely elegant and rare with it’s original papers!

Price: Euro 4.400,- Special offer Euro 3.999,-

Longines Tre Tacche with Extract

Super sharp Longines Tre-Tacche from 1941. This is the smaller 30,8mm variant but therefore not less interesting… The step waterproof case looks like new and is ref 4776. The original black dial has lost the radium on the numerals but is therefore extra ‘vintage’. It comes with a Longines Extract and was sold to the USA in 1941. Movement is Longines Cal. 10.68N. Attached is a period pigskin strap. Super 3-T!

Price: Euro 1.999,-

Tourneau Datofix Triple Date Moonphase Chrono

This Tourneau Datofix is fantastic! Not enough words to describe it’s beauty and by far the nicest Tourneau I’ve ever seen… The patina on the original dial is amazing, the dial, lime and moon phase changed into a warm brown/gold tone. The large 36,5mm steel unpolished waterproof case is triple signed and bears ref 386. Movement is Valjoux Cal 88C which is working perfectly. Attached is a nice period steel bracelet. Absolute fantastic 50’s watch which looks even better in real life.


Longines 30CH in 18K Pink Gold

Amazing, rare and minty Longines 30ch in Pink Gold. This watch was sold to Italy in 1949 and comes with a Longines Extract paper. The unpolished case with ref 5953 is extremely rare and elegant. It measures 36,5mm and is solid 18K pink gold. The original dial with raised gold markers is in fantastic condition. Movement is Cal 30CH Flyback which is the improved successor of the 13ZN. Attached is a croco strap with original Longines buckle. One of the best gold 30CH’s around!


Doxa Oversize Tank Watch

Great Doxa ‘Banana’ from the 1930’s in mint condition. This rare tank watch features a huge 25,5x46mm steel/chrome case. The original black dial with gilt print is in excellent condition for it’s age. Case, dust cover and movement are all Doxa signed. Attached is a dark-brown croco strap. Super cool, large and elegant tank watch!

Price: Euro 1.950,-

Omega Jumbo Scarab with Rare Black Dial

Fantastic and rare Omega Scarab from the mid 30’s. It features a very rare original black dial with painted numerals and hands (used to be white but time has turned them into a lovely cream tone). This is the largest model with 35,5mm unpolished case. It is called Scarab because of the particular lugs. Movement is Cal 26,5 which is in very nice condition. Attached is a period style pigskin strap. One of the nicest untouched Scarab’s I’ve seen!

Price: Euro 2.999,-

Eska calatrava Oversize

Super nice all original 1950’s Eska Time-Only watch. Eska is not so well known but they made some really nice, high quality watches back in the day… This minty example is from the early 50’s and has a stunning original explorer style dial with beautiful radium hands and lume dots. The steel screw back case measures a large 36,7mm excl. crown. Movement is a high qauality Eska manual calibre and working well. Attached is a period pigskin strap. High quality, stunning looks for a modest price!

Price: Euro 1.180,-

Eterna Oversize Tropic Chrono

Absolutely stunning Eterna Oversize chrono from the early 50’s. The most striking aspect is the original tropic dial. The radium has turned the dial into an orgasm of brown/goldish colours. The watch is completely untouched and unpolished and very sharp. The large steel screw back case measures 37,5mm excl. crown. Movement is Eterna Cal 704 which is a modified Valjoux 72. Maybe the most spectacular Eterna around!

Price: Reserved

Tissot 15TL Chronograph Rare Dial

This is one of the rarest Tissot 15TL’s I’ve seen… the original two-tone black/grey dial has both gilt and yellow printing, lume hands and hour markers and is simply stunning. It’s aged a bit but this only ads to the vintage charm. The steel 37,5mm case is also the rarer version with angled lugs. Movement is the Tissot/Lemania Cal 15TL (Omega 33.3) and recently serviced. Attached is a nos steel period style bracelet but it also comes with a period pigskin strap. Truly amazing 40’s Tissot Chrono!


Longines 18K Calatrava Oversize

Rare Oversize Longines Calatrava in 18K delivered to Spain in 1949. This is an exiting piece as Longines did not make many solid gold watches and certainly not in large sizes… This example has a stunning and rare original two-tone dial with roman numbers. The 18K case measures nearly 36,5mm excl. original crown and is of very high quality as it even has a double caseback (dust cover). Movement is Cal 12.68Z and working nicely. Attached is a lovely dark-brown croco strap. Pure elegance!

Price: Euro 5.850,-

Longines 6-Tacche Radium dial

Lovely Longines 6-Tacche from 1951. This example is really nice and untouched with 33mm waterproof case. It retains it’s original crown and bear reference 5411. According to Longines it was sold in 1951 to Sweden. The original military style radium dial has aged beautifully. Movement is Cal. 12.68N, working nicely. Attached is a period pigskin strap. High quality waterproof Longines.

Price: Euro 999,-

Movado Automatic FB Case


Lovely, high quality, all original Movado Automatic from the early 50’s. Movado made some great watches back in the day, all very high quality with in-house movements and FB cases. This example is untouched with screw back 33mm FB case. The original dial has radium indexes and hands. Movement is a Movado bumper Automatic and working well. Attached is a NOS period pigskin strap. Nice affordable piece.

Price: Euro 1.330,- Now Euro 1.180,-

Longines 6-Tacche


Lovely Longines 6-Tacche from 1951. This example is really nice and untouched with 33,5mm waterproof case. It retains it’s original crown and has a Swedish inscription. According to Longines it was sold in 1951 to Sweden. The original radium dial is very rare, has aged beautifully and has special hands. Movement is Cal. 12.68N, working nicely. Attached is a period pigskin strap. High quality special piece!

Price; Euro 1.250,- Now Euro 999,-

NOS Eska 18K Oversize Calatrava


Stunning NEW/NOS Eska Calatrava from the 50’s. This is as good as it gets… extremely elegant and classic time-only watch in very high quality with original box, buckle and hang-tag. The solid 18K Calatrava case measures over 37mm. The original silver dial with sub seconds and applied numerals is a feast to the eye. Movement is Eska signed high quality ETA 900BR. Stunning looks and quality for a moderate price.

Price: Euro 2.250,-