specialised in the sale, purchase & trade of rare vintage watches and Italian cars


Vintage Cars and Watches have a lot in common; design, esthetics, technique, usability and both can be a solid investment. A fine watch is as much about telling time as a Ferrari is about getting from A to B. Mercifully, cars are not just about transport and watches are not just about telling the time. Instead, you could view a watch as a piece of micro engineering, every bit as rewarding as an exotic motor car. There are two important elements to consider; design and mechanics. The case and dial correspond roughly to the chassis and bodywork of the car while the movement is the engine.

I’d like to share our passion and combine both worlds with this site and offer rare vintage watches & Italian cars. Enjoy browsing through our collection!

Alfa Romeo is our main speciality, but also other Italian brands have my interest. With Alfa’s we have more than 40 years experience and through our sister-company we sell cars, parts and prepare classic Alfa’s for rallies & races (see: www.vanlingenalfaparts.nl).

If you’re interested in purchasing a car, looking for a particular model or maybe sell one (we also do consignment sales);

Pls contact us at: info@carsandwatches.com

Or by phone: +31-(0)651696318. We speak Dutch, English, German & Italian

Looking forward to be of service.

Dino van Lingen