specialised in the sale, purchase & trade of rare vintage watches and Italian cars

About Us

I’ve been collecting vintage watches for a number of years and have specialised in rare pieces which are absolutely original. Sometimes small differences can make a huge difference in scarceness and value. The dial for instance is one of the most important aspect of a watch and we always offer original ones only. Since this hobby began to ‘run out of hand I’ve decided to professionalise my passion.

As for vintage cars, we’ve been involved in (vintage) Alfa Romeo for more than 20 years and therefore have extensive experience and connections within the field of vintage Italian cars. It was therefore the natural choice to combine the two worlds into: www.carsandwatches.com.

As stated, we only specialise in vintage watches, nowadays new watches are often re-made into re-editions of vintage models because of their style & beauty. Vintage watches are also a solid investment when one aquires the right type for the correct price. We always try to offer the best value for money.

As to the connection between watches and cars, just think of the Heuer carrera & Monaco which are associated with the Panamericana Rally and Steve Mc. Queen (same goes for some Rolex models like the Daytona).

We are based in the Netherlands and can be contacted at: 0031-(0)6-51696318 or info@carsandwatches.com (currently not working due to change of provider) pls use: dinovanlingen@planet.nl or via the order/contact page. You can also find us on Instagram: wwwcarsandwatchescom

I’m looking forward to be of service.

Dino van Lingen