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Tudor 7928 USN Military Tropical


One of the rarest Tudor Sub’s in existence, this US Military Sub comes straight from my private collection. It was issued to a US navy vessel, the USS Nereus AS-17. This was a Fulton-Class Submarine tender in the United States Navy and launched in 1945. The watch is a rare first series pointed crownguards #7928 from 1962. It’s got a killer Tropical dial which is all original incl. the hands. The faded bezel really complements the dial and gives the watch an awesome presence. The caseback is engraved with: Prop: USS Nereus. Movement is Tudor/Rolex cal. 390 and working perfectly. Attached is a nice suede strap and it also comes with a large poster of the USS Nereus. This is the only one I’ve ever seen and a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire one of the rarest military Subs.