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Movado 90M anti slide pushers 565 / 1463



The grail of all Movado’s, this is the anti-slide pusher 35mm case 90M chrono which is virtually the same as the 565 & 1463 from Patek Philippe. The advantage of this piece is that it’s even rarer than a Patek and the price increadibly low compared to the 200K + euro which 1463′s are commanding nowadays. The beautiful and large 35mm waterproof case is made by FB and has anti-slide pushers. It’s hardly polished and in very sharp condition. The original copper dial is amazing, never seen anything like it and very special with the blued hands. Movement is Movado’s 90M which is functioning well. Attached is a nice period NOS leather band which matches the dial perfectly. It won’t take very long before these will gain value quickly, for now this is the only one in the market and in stunning condition.